IUOE Local 793 Business Manager Mike Gallagher announced in his video update last Friday that all monthly district meetings will restart in November. To ensure the health and safety of all members attending district meetings, temporary pre-registration rules will be in place.

When to pre-register?

Pre-registration for each district meeting will open at 9am on the day before the scheduled meeting date, and will close at 4pm the day of the district meeting.

For example, the Toronto district meeting is on Wednesday, November 17th at 7:30pm. Pre-registration opens at 9am on Tuesday, November 16th and closes on Wednesday, November 17th at 4pm.

How to pre-register?

Do this:

  1. Starting the day before your district meeting, call the district office (click the link below for phone numbers) to sign up and have your attendance confirmed. You must call personally and not have someone call for you.
  2. Register for your own district meeting if possible (click the link below for a list of meetings and dates).

What to bring to the District Meeting?

All members must bring:

Proof of your COVID-19 vaccination. This can be the new provincial enhanced vaccine passport (with QR code) or a paper copy of your vaccination receipts showing proof of your second dose received at least 14 days prior to the district meeting date. Click HERE to get your enhanced vaccine passport.
Government-issued identification (e.g. driver’s licence) and your Union registration card.
Face mask.

Find your local area office and phone number: https://iuoelocal793.org/register/locations/

Find your district’s meeting date: https://iuoelocal793.org/events-meetings/

Watch Business Manager Mike Gallagher’s lastest video update by clicking HERE.