Local 793 Business Manager Mike Gallagher delivers a video message on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

In this video, Business Manager Gallagher delivers the following updates:

[00:40] Many of our important collective agreements need to be renegotiated
[01:28] We may disagree from time to time but we must stand together
[03:35] It is important to respect other people’s personal values and beliefs
[04:52] Ontario easing capacity restrictions, ending vaccine certificate system
[05:10] Monthly meetings in March, General Membership meeting March 27th
[06:14] Safety measures will be in place for all Union meetings
[08:05] Beware of unguarded conversations on social media platforms
[09:11] The right to protest is an essential component of Canadian democracy
[10:55] Days of Action protests against Premier Mike Harris
[12:43] Working for our members to achieve the best settlement possible
[14:16] Extend your hand in solidarity even if you can’t support their choices
[15:10] Be safe and remain vigilant