Local 793 Business Manager Mike Gallagher reports from head office in Oakville, where he provides an update on improvements to the Life and Health Benefits Plan and discusses the financial performance of the Pension Plan.

Business Manager Gallagher also reflects on Joe Dowdall and Bill Boyle’s retirement and shares changes to the Executive Board and Officers to correspond with the retirements.

He also reports that the Barrie office will be relocating soon and that the Union is looking in the future to purchase property to expand training capabilities.

In this video, Business Manager Gallagher delivers the following updates:

[0:15] Ready to take on a New Year
[1:22] Improvements to the Life & Health Benefits Plan
[3:27] Neighbours to the South – Unnerving events in the U.S.
[5:27] IUOE Condemns Attack – Statement from General President James T. Callahan
[7:56] Investment Returns – Local 793 Pension Plan is very strong
[9:40] Government Funding – OETIO’s UTIP grant application approved
[10:47] Remain Vigilant – Wear face masks and keep physical distance
[11:17] Joe Dowdall – Executive Director of Training retires
[12:19] Rick Kerr – Appointed Executive Director of Training
[13:21] Zach Mac Innis – Appointed Area Supervisor of Eastern Ontario
[13:52] IUOE Constitution – Addressing the vacant positions
[14:33] Bill Boyle – Executive Board member retires
[15:28] Appointed Positions – Dave Turple, John Kelly & Tony Wark among changes
[17:28] Appointed Positions – Ryan Wilbee and Stephen Rubinoff recognized
[20:44] Rent Relief – Seeking relief from area office landlords
[22:45] On the Move – Local 793 Barrie office is relocating
[24:33] Sarnia Training – Potential location in Southwestern Ontario
[27:13] Stay Safe