Local 793 area offices around the province reopened on August 30, 2021. In order to keep members and staff safe, please remember to follow these rules when coming to visit:

  1. You must be fully vaccinated* (received your second COVID-19 vaccination dose at least 14 days before entering the area office)

  2. Only one member is allowed in the office at a timeIf multiple members require in-person service, they must wait outside and take turns entering the office one at a time.

  3. Mandatory COVID-19 screening must be completed before entering the officeIf you or anyone in your household is currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you will be prohibited from coming into the office and will be asked to return at a later date.

  4. Mandatory contact tracing – You will be asked to sign-in and provide your name and phone number for contact tracing purposes.

  5. Masks are mandatory while inside the office

  6. Social distancing of 2-metres is required at all times

To find the area office closest to you, click here.

*In accordance with Local 793’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy.