As of July 1, 2016, operators will need mobile crane hoisting credentials and 40 hours of specific training that has been approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities if they want to operate a foundation rotary drill rig in Ontario.

Employers will have to ensure that a worker who operates a rotary foundation drill rig is qualified and has completed or is participating in a training program.

Operators will also have to have written proof of training available at the project for Ministry of Labour inspectors.

The new regulations are part of an amendment to O. Reg. 213/91 (Construction Projects) made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

To ensure operators can get the training they need, Local 793 is launching a new foundation drill rig operator-training program at the OETIO campus in Oakville.

A Liebherr LB28 drill rig will be used to deliver the first course being offered on January 25th, 2016. The course will consist of 40 hours of classroom training, along with hands-on training and simulation.

OETIO crane-drill rig Instructor Ray Doyle will deliver the program to eight members who have been approved for the course. There is no charge to take the course, as long as members are in good standing and meet the prerequisites and criteria to complete the training.

Operators can register in one of three drill rig program streams. The stream that the operator goes into depends on the type of mobile crane licence the operator possesses. Modular training forms must be filled out by the operator and employer as to which program stream the operator is to be registered in.

Click here for information about the three program streams and the required prerequisites.

For information on the course, call either:

  • OETIO Director of Training and Apprenticeship Joe Dowdall at 905-469-9299, ext. 2328
  • OETIO Assistant Director of Training and Apprenticeship Brian Alexander at 905-469-9299, ext. 2327