The following statement was issued by IUOE General President James T. Callahan in response to the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president:

Last night, the Operating Engineers and organized labor sustained political losses throughout the country that will change the landscape for labor into the foreseeable future.

No one knows for certain what a Trump Administration will bring, but if he keeps his campaign promises, many of our sacred labor protections will be truly tested. Many union households voted against their economic futures, which is troubling at best. 

Now that the initial disappointment has been processed, it is time to do what every Operating Engineer in a leadership role has always done. We will stand strong, stand together, and continue to hold off attempts to erode away our collective bargaining rights. 

In the coming days, as we determine where these attacks will develop, rest assured that this administration, staff and the General Executive Board of our great organization is prepared to stand with you on the battlefield that lies before us, wherever our resources are needed.

God Bless you,
God Bless the Operating Engineers, and
God Bless America.