In Ontario, it’s against the law to operate hand-held communication and electronic entertainment devices while you’re driving. Texting behind the steering wheel can have deadly consequences.

Research has found that a distracted driver is 29 times more likely to cause an accident or near accident in a work zone. Even losing your concentration for two seconds doubles your risk of being involved in an accident. This is because when you text and drive, you become distracted in three ways: visually, manually and cognitively. You’re taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone screen, you’re taking at least one hand off the wheel to type and you’re also thinking about something other than driving.

With sudden starts and stops, lane changes and other potential hazards to contend with – including workers and heavy machinery – protect yourself and others by leaving your phone alone when travelling through a work zone.

IUOE Local 793 is a dedicated advocate for protecting all workers involved in building and maintaining Ontario. Safety is not a matter of chance – it’s a deliberate choice that each person must make.