May 16, 2015
Toronto’s Breakthrough Entertainment is currently in pre-production of an exciting new TV program called “Terrific Trucks”, a live-action, pre-school series for the Sprout Network (NBC/Universal) in the United States, expected to be broadcast in the spring of 2016.

This series aims to demonstrate early childhood learning and value messages through the actions of real construction vehicles that live in a quarry and work together on simple, real-life projects. Our primary location will be the re-designed Kelso Quarry in Milton (5437 Steeles Avenue West), but we will also travel to nearby locations to perform different tasks.

Our cast of real truck characters include a an excavator (CAT 330), front-end loader (CAT 938), skid steer (Bobcat S185), Mack dump truck and Kenworth tractor-trailer, all cleverly modified to play colourful characters embodying human characteristics, who work together while learning valuable life lessons about sharing, caring, teamwork, and dedication to excellence.

The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 793, has agreed to collaborate with Terrific Trucks to provide skilled drivers for our character vehicles, ensuring excellence of operation and the highest level of safety for our cast and crew throughout the filming process.

Filming will start May 21, 5-days a week, with a minimum 10-hour day for a work period of 20 weeks, ending October 2nd. Wages will be paid as per the Provincial Agreement Schedule D. Complete craft and catering will be provided daily by the production.

There are still positions available for experienced drivers of the Bobcat S185 (foot pedal model) and the Kenworth and Mack trucks (A-Z license required), who also have a background with the other vehicles. Drivers will be required to work collaboratively with our film crew and take direction in a collaborative manner. As safety is our primary concern, participating in the planning and execution of the action is an on-going part of the commitment. We expect to learn a lot from our operators, while at the same time teaching you the protocol of working safely in a film environment.

It is important to understand that operators will also be required to perform on-camera from time to time in non-speaking background roles, executing simple tasks that construction personnel and operators would normally undertake around the vehicles and on a work site.

So, if you are looking for an exciting, dynamic and unique work experience this summer, please e-mail your resume to me immediately and we will contact you for an audition and try-out this week and explain all of the terms of employment. Engagement is at the sole discretion of the producers and only those able to fulfil all aspects of the job will be employed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management of IUOE Local 793 for their gracious support and encouragement in this wonderful series, one we hope to work on together for many years to come.

Neil Bregman, Producer
(647) 969-5828

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