Local 793 has a Member Assistance Program (MAP) for Local 793 members, their spouses and dependent children under 21 (or up to 25 if enrolled in accredited educational programs).

The union has teamed up with Great-West Life and Schepell.fgi to offer the program.

The MAP is completely confidential within the limits of the law. No one, including the union, will know that you have used the service unless you choose to tell them.

Local 793 members and immediate family members have access to the MAP at no cost. To ensure your privacy and confidentiality, fees for the MAP service have been paid in advance by the union.

Following are the services that the MAP includes:

  • Short-term Professional Counseling for Personal and Emotional Issues: Choose from a variety of delivery methods to best suit your comfort level and lifestyle, including in-person, telephonic, e-counseling, first chat (instant online chat with a counselor), video, and text-based self-paced.
  • Family Support Services: This service connects you with a family support specialist for personalized assistance with family planning, parenting, childcare, eldercare, homecare support and more.
  • Legal Support Services: This service provides consultation with professional lawyers to answer legal questions surrounding divorce, custody, adoption, real estate, debt, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, and more.
  • Financial Support Services: This service provides consultation with financial professionals to answer financial questions about budgeting, debt management, tax issues, and more.
  • Naturopathic Services: This service provides consultation with naturopathic doctors on choices related to physiology, diet, lifestyle, and well-being, including illness prevention strategies.
  • Nutritional Services: This service offers consultation with registered dieticians on any nutritional matter or concern.
  • Health Coaching: Registered nurses can provide information and advice, co-ordination and support, and coaching on any health risk or concern.
  • Fitness Coach Connects: This is a personalized and interactive program designed to improve your physical health through education, behavior change and fitness.
  • Specialized Counseling and Online Programs: These assist with career challenges, managing stress, tobacco cessation, enhancing your relationships, separation and divorce, and financial planning.

The MAP is available 27/7/365 with simple access:

For crisis situations requiring immediate attention, call 911 or the Shepell·fgi Care Access Centre at 1-800-387-4765.