This week marks Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week. Though it can seem unnecessary and even excessive, it is an important reminder to talk freely about mental health without stigma and learn how to support one another.

CMHA is focusing on sharing stories to build connections and strong communities this year. The more we acknowledge the impact of mental health on our everyday lives, the more support can be shared amongst our fellow Brothers and Sisters without judgment.

Local 793 recognizes that construction workers are disproportionately affected by poor mental health. Therefore, we continue to improve the Life and Health Benefits Plan, ensuring members and their families receive industry-leading platinum-level health services—everyday mental health matters.

If you or someone you know could use support or benefit from tools, there are ways to address mental health proactively. Members Health is available to all Local 793 members and their families, where they can confidentially access doctors anytime and anywhere – 24/7/365.

For mental health support and other resources, visit:

Members Health –

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Provincial Supports –

Ontario Mental Health Support –