August 4, 2020

To all IUOE Local 793 members:

After careful consideration and having implemented additional COVID-19 safety protocols, we have made the decision to re-open the OETIO campuses in Oakville and Morrisburg.

The Oakville campus will resume training on Monday, August 10, 2020 and the Morrisburg campus will follow on Monday, September 14, 2020.

OETIO will use a staged approach and will only increase the student training numbers if there is confidence that it can be done in a way that guarantees the health and safety of students and staff.

The provincial government’s move to Stage 3 as part of Ontario’s reopening plan was taken into account in deciding to resume training at OETIO.

Separate return-to-training protocols have been developed for each campus and classes will open with strict guidelines designed to protect the health and safety of both students and staff:

Oakville Campus Protocols:

  • Students will follow strict COVID-19 safety protocol measures for entering and exiting the facility
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided, and use will be mandatory
  • Physical distancing will be mandatory
  • Class sizes will be reduced so that there are no large gatherings
  • Theoretical classes will be held in the O.E. Banquet Hall, an area that has ample space for physical distancing
  • Portable washrooms with running water and hand soap have been placed in the training yard to limit entry into the main building

Morrisburg Campus Protocols:

  • Students will be placed into social groups (bubbles) of six and will remain in their designated group for the duration of their training
  • Within the bubble, PPE and physical distancing will remain mandatory
  • Each bubble will be separate, and students will not interact with students in other bubbles
  • Staggered training start times will allow each bubble to exit the residence and head to training without interacting with other students

Both campuses will be monitored closely, and training may be suspended should a situation put the health and safety of students, staff or the public at risk.

An OETIO emergency response team has been established and has protocols in place to deal with a COVID-19 emergency.

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the membership, students and staff continues to be Local 793 and OETIO’s number one priority.

Fraternally yours,

Mike Gallagher
Business Manager, IUOE Local 793

Joe Dowdall
Executive Director, OETIO