­­Local 793 business manager Mike Gallagher has announced winners of the union’s photo contest.

The announcement was made at the union’s general membership meeting at head office in Oakville on Sept. 25.

Union members were invited to submit their best photos to be judged in a number of categories.

The photos were judged by a three-member committee consisting of director of communications Grant Cameron, IT manager Armand Dowdall, and labour relations rep Daveen Lidstone.

Winners in each category will receive tickets to a sporting event.

Thanks to everybody for submitting entries.

Below are the winning entries.

Best sunrise photo by Mike Van Duson. Best job site photo by John Daniel. Crane operator at work by Josh Macmillan. Best sunset photo taken by Moe Lepage. Best photo of operator on heavy equipment taken by Joshua Lemon. Best humours photo taken by Jason Phelps. Best photo of an operator holding Making Tracks or Operator magazine taken by Angelo Flammia.