The deadline for applications for the Jack Redshaw Scholarships is Friday, September 9, 2022.

The scholarships are available to all the sons, daughters and grandchildren of Local 793 members who are in good standing at the time of selection of the awards.

The award is named in honour of the late Jack Redshaw, who was a Local 793 member for 42 years. He was a business representative for 20 years and also served as labour relations manager and recording-corresponding secretary of the union.

Each year, the business manager of Local 793 determines the amount and number of scholarships to be awarded.

Applications must be supported by:

  • Transcripts;
  • Other evidence of potential ability to succeed in the post-secondary program; and
  • A letter of recommendation from an individual with personal academic knowledge of the person making the application as well as why a scholarship should be awarded.

Applicants must also submit an essay of not more than 1,000 words on one of the following topics:

A: Reasons why this scholarship will help you.
B: The impact on your life of being a dependent of a Local 793 Union member.
C: How can Unions attract more female trainees?
D: Describe the life story of a Union member from birth throughout their career to retirement.
E: What is it like having your family member live away from home – at the job site/on camp?
F: How have Unions improved worker’s lives over the last 100 years?

Applications can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. Applications can also be obtained by contacting any Local 793 area office.

Please return all applications (via mail) no later than 4 PM on Friday, September 9, 2022, to the attention of:

Heather Hamer
IUOE Local 793
2245 Speers Road
Oakville ON
L6L 6X8