Following is a letter from Local 793 business manager Mike Gallagher on the importance of renewable energy projects and the launch of a Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario web portal.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am writing to you on an extremely important matter to our union. Thousands of well-paying jobs in the wind energy sector are at stake.

Since 2008, wind energy projects have invested over $14 billion in Ontario’s economy and have created over 200,000 jobs in Ontario, many of which have benefited IUOE members. 

The government of Ontario has recently indicated that it may be waffling in its commitment to many of these high-paying jobs. We can not stand still and let this happen.

That’s why we have played a lead role in creating the Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario (REAO). REAO is a broad coalition of employers, labour and industry groups dedicated to working with the Ontario government to ensure renewable energy, including wind, continues to play a vital role in Ontario’s energy mix.

Our alliance has created a web portal that allows you to express support for these jobs to your local member of provincial parliament with a few simple clicks on your keyboard. I urge you all to go to to make our union’s voice heard.

Together we can show the government that our voices matter. We must act now to protect well-paying jobs for our brothers and sisters.





Mike Gallagher
Business Manager
IUOE Local 793