Canadian Labour Congress president Ken Georgetti has written a letter to Local 793 business manager Mike Gallagher, asking union members to send an email to MPs in protest of Bill C-377.

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Following is the text of the letter to Local 793 business manager Mike Gallagher:

Dear Michael:

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are determined to ram through Bill C-377, a private members’ bill that will force every union, every union local, every local labour council, every federation of labour and the Canadian Labour Congress to file intrusive financial reports that will be posted on a public website for every employer to see. We need your help now to stop this bill in its tracks!

The Canadian Bar Association says Bill C-377 should be withdrawn because it would invade the personal privacy of individual Canadians and is likely unconstitutional. Canada’s federal Privacy Commissioner also said that the bill would invade personal privacy and overreaches in its intent.

Yet Stephen Harper’s government wants to spend millions of your taxpayer dollars to set up a new bureaucracy to administer this bill. In the United States, a department that administers similar but less onerous reporting for unions had a budget of $41.3 million in 2012 – to track the financial reporting of 26,000 union locals. Stephen Harper’s government wants to track the spending of 25,000 union locals in Canada and we estimate it will cost the government anywhere from $32 million to $45 million a year just to operate – this at a time when the Conservatives are shutting down coast guards stations, search and rescue call centres, and eliminating food inspectors.

You and I know already that unions are accountable to their members. Any member coming to a local union meeting gets a detailed financial report from their elected executive on expenditures and an opportunity to ask questions.

Michael, we need your help now. Click here to send an email to your Member of Parliament that this bill is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ money.

Thank you for your help!

In solidarity,

Ken Georgetti