What does I.U.O.E., Local 793’s Delinquency Department do?

The Delinquency Department ensures that Employers in contractual relations with the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 793 are remitting your union dues, benefit plan contributions and pension plan contributions correctly and in a timely fashion.

If the Delinquency Department discovers that the Employer isn’t remitting accurately or in a timely fashion, they work closely with the Area Office to ensure the Employer adheres to the terms and conditions of the collective agreement to which they are bound.

Sometimes that means filing a grievance against the Employer, which may lead to the grievance being referred to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (the “Board”). This is called arbitration.
If the Board determines that the Employer has violated the collective agreement, they will issue a decision ordering the Employer to comply with the collective agreement. If the Employer still refuses to comply with the Board’s decision, Local 793’s Delinquency Control Officer, Jeff Smith, may enforce the Board’s decision by filing it with the Superior Court of Justice.

The Delinquency Control Officer will then attempt to enforce the decision by any means possible. This may include:

  • Garnishments
  • Seizing the Employer’s equipment and having it sold at auction
  • Seizure of Bank accounts

The Delinquency Department also files Construction Liens where appropriate and may attempt to collect delinquent contributions on behalf of members through Labour Bonds posted on construction projects.