Members of Local 793 are being asked to stand up for fellow skilled trades workers by sending a strong message to the federal government that they must ensure Canadian workers are not being sidelined in favour of international workers at the NextStar EV Battery Plant in Windsor.

The $5 billion plant is owned by LG and Stellantis. The companies promised the plant would employ thousands of local workers and then lobbied for, and won, $15 billion in federal and provincial government subsidies. Now, LG and Stellantis are bringing in international workers to do the work Canadian skilled trades workers were promised.

Local 793 is urging members to join the campaign run by the Provincial Building Trades Council, Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) and the Essex and Kent Building Trades Council to ensure Canadian workers are prioritized at the new plant.

Next Steps

It’s easy and takes less than 2 minutes.

The CBTU has already drafted a letter of support for you. CLICK HERE to tell your local MP they need to make LG and Stellantis hire Canadian.

Please share this letter campaign with your Brothers and Sisters and encourage them to participate.

Below is the letter sent by the CBTU to Essex-Kent Building Trades Workers.