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Spotters are essential when working around different hazards at a job site. They are a second pair of eyes and ears for heavy equipment operators with limited visibility to maneuver safely.

Spotting has been effective in preventing accidents, but there are safety precautions a spotter must follow to keep everyone safe. These include:

  • Wearing highly visible clothing
  • Avoid walking into the path of a vehicle, moving equipment, or a swinging load
  • Avoid walking behind heavy equipment while spotting
  • Stand where an aerial lift or equipment is going while flagging it back
  • Scan a worksite for hazards and remove them before a job
  • Focus on your job
  • Do not use a phone, headphones, or other items that can be distracting while spotting
  • Agree on hand signals before you start a spotting job
  • Make sure you keep constant visual contact with the driver while the vehicle is in motion

Spotter plays a pivotal role in preventing accidents, minimizing workplace injuries, and maintaining a secure working environment by focusing on proper training, communication skills, and vigilance. This practice not only protects the spotter and equipment operators but also contributes significantly to overall workplace safety and productivity.

IUOE Local 793 stands as a dedicated advocate for the protection of all workers involved in building and maintaining Ontario. The importance of this mission cannot be overstated, emphasizing that safety is not a matter of chanceit’s a deliberate choice that each person must make.