January 7, 2021
To: Members of IUOE, Local 793

Please be advised that an Officers’ Meeting was held on January 7, 2021 to address the vacant positions that resulted from the retirements of Vice President Joe Dowdall and Executive Board member Bill Boyle, effective December 31, 2020.

In accordance with Article XXIV, Subdivision 1, Section (f) of the IUOE Constitution, please be advised of the following appointments:

i) Dave Turple has been appointed to Vice President to complete the term vacated by Joe Dowdall
ii) John Kelly has been appointed as an Executive Board member to complete the term vacated by Bill Boyle

As a result of the above, the following appointments were also made:

iii) Tony Wark has been appointed as an Executive Board member to replace Dave Turple
iv) Ryan Wilbee has been appointed as Auditor to replace John Kelly
v) Stephen Rubinoff has been appointed as Guard to replace Tony Wark

We are confident that Brothers Turple, Kelly, Wark, Wilbee, and Rubinoff, and will continue working towards the best interests of Local 793 in their new roles.

Fraternally yours,
Mike Gallagher,
Business Manager – Local 793
International Vice President