Local 793 welcomed Melissa Young, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Registrar of Skilled Trades Ontario, and Michael Sherrard, Skilled Trades Ontario Chair, to the OETIO campus in Oakville on Wednesday. The visit was an opportunity to showcase the world-class education and training facility and for the guests to speak with students.

Young addressed the apprentices and recognized OETIO as one of the finest trade schools in Canada. Sherrard took the opportunity to try his hand on one of the state-of-the-art simulators for tower cranes.

Hosting the visit was Local 793 Assistant Business Manager and Vice President Dave Turple, Executive Director of OETIO Rick Kerr, and Director of Training and Apprenticeship Jeff Hewitt.

Young has more than 20 years of experience in workforce development and the skilled trades. Her work focused on promoting the trades, harmonizing apprenticeships, developing partnerships with First Nations communities, Indigenous groups, labour and management, and influencing the national landscape for apprenticeship.

Sherrard is recognized as one of the country’s leading employment and labour lawyers. As well as Chair of Skilled Trades Ontario, he sits on the board of directors of Skills Canada (Ontario) and is a member of the Council of Ontario Construction Associations, the Toronto Board of Trade, and the Toronto Construction Association.

Visit OETIO’s website for more information about what the campus has to offer at www.oetio.com