As we embark on a new year, let’s carry forward the invaluable commitment to safety while driving through work zones. 2024 presents an opportunity to reinforce our dedication to road safety, especially in areas undergoing construction or maintenance.

Let’s make a conscious decision in 2024 to:

Stay Alert: Remain vigilant and focused while approaching work zones. Eliminate distractions and stay mindful of changing road conditions.

Adhere to Speed Limits: Respect posted speed limits within work zones. Reduced speeds are implemented for the safety of both workers and drivers.

Follow Signs and Instructions: Pay close attention to signage and obey instructions from flaggers or construction personnel. Their guidance ensures a smooth and safe passage.

Together, let’s make 2024 a year marked by responsible and conscientious driving, ensuring safety in work zones.

IUOE Local 793 is a dedicated advocate for protecting all workers involved in building and maintaining Ontario. Safety is not a matter of chance – it’s a deliberate choice that each person must make.