Due to the significant traffic volume on numerous highways, conducting work zone activities during daylight hours poses challenges due to disruptions in traffic flow and heightened risks for both workers and the traveling public.

Consequently, a number of highway maintenance projects are being scheduled during off-peak hours, especially at night, to relieve the issues associated with working in traffic.

Whether workers are on-site or not, it is important to exercise caution when driving through work zones at night. The dangers of road construction zones are further compounded by reduced visibility and a higher rate of drowsy drivers during nighttime hours.

To maintain the safety of everyone on the road, drivers should keep the following safety tips in mind when driving through a work zone:

• Stay alert
• Pay attention to road signs
• Merge properly
• Be patient

IUOE Local 793 is a dedicated advocate for protecting all workers involved in building and maintaining Ontario. Safety is not a matter of chance – it’s a deliberate choice that each person must make.