Both the federal and provincial budgets released in late March commit billions of dollars to rebuilding Canada’s key infrastructure and transitioning to a clean economy. Taken together, the investments will provide plenty of work for Local 793 members well into the future.

Among the commitments made by the federal Liberal government is the attaching of labour conditions to the $83 billion in clean investment tax credits it is providing up to 2035. This means that companies will need to pay wages that are at or above the prevailing Union rate and that registered apprentices perform at least 10% of the worked hours.

The budget also contains a pledge to prohibit the use of replacement workers during a strike or lockout.

Provincially, the latest budget sets aside $184 billion over 10 years for major infrastructure projects, including $27.9 billion for highway expansion and rehabilitation projects, $70.5 billion for a massive expansion of Ontario’s transit system and $63 billion over 10 years to build and renew schools and hospitals.

Of particular interest to Local 793 and OETIO is the $224 million that has been made available to expand training centres, including Union training halls. Our objective has always been to develop training facilities at our planned hub offices, so this is funding we could certainly put to good use.

With plenty of work lined up for this season and lots more coming our way, these are positive times for the Union and our members.