The Ontario government is emphatically signalling that the province’s next major roadway, the six-lane, 52-kilometre Highway 413 northwest of Toronto, is right near the top of its list of project priorities.

On April 30, the Doug Ford-led government gathered construction stakeholders at a site in Caledon to discuss next steps leading to early works on the billion-dollar project as early as next year.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 793 Business Manager Mike Gallagher was on hand for the Caledon presentation.

“I care about the environment,” he said in an interview. “I live in the same world as everybody else…but we’ve been building for a long time and we are very, very careful and our contractors are very careful to ensure that we don’t disturb the natural world any more than we have to. Then we put things back.”

“Having said that, I do believe it’s very important for the economy of the province of Ontario. As a society, if we want to be successful, we have to have the infrastructure to support that.”

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