Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On behalf of the IUOE Local 793 Election Committee (“Election Committee”), I am writing to provide an update on the nomination process announced in the Spring Issue of the Operator Magazine and which is the same process that has always been followed by IUOE Local 793 during local union elections.

As you are aware, Ontario and the rest of the world are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This health crisis necessitated all monthly meetings be indefinitely suspended until the health officials permit gatherings of more than 5 people and have eased social distancing requirements.

The Election Committee has sought advice from our International in Washington on what these restrictions mean in terms of moving forward with nominations in May as initially planned. Washington has advised the Election Committee that we must delay the May nominations until such time as meetings can be held. Other IUOE Locals are in the same position south of the border and this is the consistent advice being given by the IUOE.

At this point in time, we cannot predict when exactly monthly meetings will restart. Members should expect that this delay in nominations will likewise delay the holding our Local 793 election.

The IUOE Election Committee will remain in close contact with the International Union and the General President for guidance on these issues and will issue a further update when we have more information.

Yours truly,

Alex Law
Chair, IUOE Local 793 Elections Committee