Local 793 members are hard at work for the CN Rail Intermodal Logistics Hub project in Milton but have more responsibilities beyond simply clearing the ground and constructing infrastructure.

Workers have a duty to protect the vulnerable wildlife on site, including Western Chorus Frogs, Little Brown Myotis and Eastern Milksnakes.

Brothers Kurtis Holditch, Marc Vincent and Kelly Seeley work on clearing, grubbing and diverting the rail track. While Brother Mike Walwick Jr. dismantles a cofferman and foreman, Joel Caron oversees the care of their important work.

With such a vast area to develop, many more members will find work at the site over the four years it will take to complete the intermodal hub.

Contractors: Dufferin Construction, Cambridge Landscaping and Mountsburg Excavating

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Brother Mike Waldick Jr. (inset) maneuvers a John Deere 470G excavator as he dismantles a cofferdam at the CN site.