IUOE Local 793 member Shanna Hodgins is the focus of a new video that was released by the Ontario Building and Construction Tradeswomen (OBCT), a committee established by the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario (PBCTCO) to advocate for women in the skilled trades.

In the video, Sister Hodgins tells her story of how she went from selling cranes to operating them, with help from IUOE Local 793 and the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario (OETIO). The OBCT hopes her experience will show other women and girls that there is a route into the skilled trades open to them and that a career as an Operating Engineer can be both exciting and financially rewarding.

Watch the OBCT video on IUOE Local 793 member Shanna Hodgins:

Member Shanna Hodgins and crane.
Local 793 member Shanna Hodgins was featured in an OBCT video that shows the positive impacts a career in the trades can have for women.
Local 793 member Shanna Hodgins.
Local 793 member Shanna Hodgins.
Sister Shanna Hodgins in mobile crane.
Sister Hodgins became an Operating Engineer with Moir Crane Service after working for the company in sales.