IUOE, Local 793 began a new phase in its efforts to ensure the safety of all those who work with, and around, hoisting equipment with the first meeting of the joint Local 793/Crane Rental Association of Ontario (CRAO) Provincial Health and Safety Committee.

Made up of Local 793 and OETIO staff, as well as representatives from the CRAO and Nations Capital Crane Rental Association, the committee held its first meeting in early February.

“While our crane operators are recognized as some of the safest and best trained in the world due to our over 40 years of apprenticeship training at the OETIO, accidents unfortunately still do occur for a variety of reasons,” said Local 793 Business Manager, Mike Gallagher. “We have partnered with our employers to ensure that together we can identity best practices to ensure our industry remains as safe as humanly possible.”

Local 793 and the CRAO have established the Provincial Health and Safety Committee to advance the shared commitment of both parties for safer workplaces and accident prevention, using an industry-driven approach to identify how and where improvements can be made to avoid incidents and tragic fatalities.

The committee will also bring concerns and issues to the forefront to create a clear direction for achieving safer workplaces.

Working as an advisory committee to industry, its mandate covers four key areas:

1. Developing industry recommendations
2. Developing training recommendations
3. Making administrative and regulatory recommendations
4. Sharing information within the industry

“The CRAO is committed to collaborating to improve safety awareness and ensure safer construction workplaces for our employees, the industry and public,” says CRAO President, Jason Hanna.

The committee will meet regularly to work toward improving safety standards within the crane rental and concrete pumping sectors, so that every worker gets to go home to their families at the end of each day.