Local 793 of the International Union of Operating Engineers has condemned Pierre Poilievre and his federal Conservative Party of Canada for playing politics with the futures of working people by blocking key employment legislation.

Bill-C-50, which offers protection to workers as the country moves towards a low-carbon future, and Bill C-58, which bans employers from using scab labour during a contract dispute, would go some way towards levelling the playing field for workers after years of attacks on jobs and wages. The passage of both bills has been held up as part of a wider Conservative attempt to block the government’s agenda.

Local 793 Business Manager, Mike Gallagher, said, “I warned our members months ago that Pierre Poilievre was no friend of workers and his antics in Parliament are now making that crystal clear.

“We have been fighting long and hard for legislation that would stop employers from using scabs to undermine workers who have a democratic right to demand better paying jobs in construction all over the country.

“Poilievre’s willingness to play silly games with the futures of our members is sickening and we will continue to call him out and make sure his attempt to stand in the way of stronger protections for all Canadian workers ends in failure.”

Read a statement from Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, here.