Local 793 is still accepting names of members who have been killed in construction accidents or died due to an occupational illness.

The names will be inscribed on a monument at the southeast corner of the union’s head office in Oakville.

Anyone who knows of a member who has died under such circumstances is asked to contact the union with the member’s name and details.

The person to contact is social services assistant Stephanie Whaley at 905-469-9299, ext. 2218, or via email at swhaley@iuoelocal793.org.

Construction work on the monument and memorial garden is nearly finished and an official opening will be held in the spring.

The monument and garden are a tribute to the members of Local 793 who have lost their lives as a result of accidents or occupational illnesses.

The circular structure, designed by Hamilton-area artist Patrick Bermingham, will be an open and welcoming place where members, their families and the public can come to sit and reflect on their loved ones.