As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues and conflict between Israel and Hamas is rapidly escalating, we are reminded of just how fragile freedom is and of the debt we owe to generations of Canadian armed forces personnel who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our lives and raise our families in peace.

Whether in seizing the heights at Vimy Ridge, storming the Normandy beaches or navigating heavily mined roads in Kandahar Province, the courage of our troops has never faltered.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 11, is our chance to recognize all those who have honourably served this country – and especially those who never made it home.

On behalf of the officers, executive board and staff of IUOE Local 793, I call on members to pause for a moment of silence at 11 a.m. on Saturday as a mark of respect and remembrance for all Canadian military veterans.

Best regards,

Mike Gallagher
Business Manager, IUOE Local 793