On Tuesday March 26, in Toronto at the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel jobsite, Mammoet Cranes lifted North Tunnel Constructors’ John Deere 870G out of a partially completed shaft. Mobile crane operator Paul Brady performed the 206,000 lbs lift running the Grove GMK 7550 with his mobile crane apprentice Mike Batchelor.

Also on-site for Mammoet were Local 793 members Tyler Armstrong working as the float driver and erector; Bobby Sutherland as the mechanic; and Maclaren Broad as the mobile crane apprentice. The lift was performed with an eight part line, with 100 feet of boom at a 40-foot radius.

Local 793 members on-site for North Tunnel Constructors were Jonathan Colford as the operator of the John Deere 870G; Umberto Vadori running the Link-Belt 8090RT and Ronan Shannon as the TLB operator.

Business Rep Matthew Porter photographed the lift from the top and Local 793 member Jonathan Colford photographed the lift from inside the shaft.